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MARVEKLEEN Disinfection Humidifier Set

MVK 2 Humidifier
USD 220


Marvekleen Multi-purpose Disinfectant Solution

​Key Benefit:

  • Kill 99.95% of COVID-19, tested by MICROBAC.

  • Kill 99.999% of Human Coronavirus, tested by SGS.

  • Kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, tested by CHEMSIL.

  • Safe on skin and oral.

  • FDA Registered.

  • 100% Natural ingredients (produced by white blood cell)

  • Safe and harmless to baby, pregnant women and animals.

  • PH 5.5-6.5. Mild ingredients, harmless to breathe in and contact into eyes.  (Please follow the instruction for use carefully)

  • Can be used to clean fruits and vegetables. (1:9 water dilution)

  • 1:9 Distilled water dilution, can be disinfect air space in a room for 2-3 hours, by SGS airborne sanitizing test. (Should be using Bactakleen ULV fogger or various types of humidifiers)

  • 1:6 water dilution for medical grade disinfection, by SGS surface sanitizing test. (Spray and clean the surface of objects)

Areas of Application:

  • Workplaces, Offices, Schools, Homes, Clinics, Gyms, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.​

Available In:

  • 15 L


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