MV-TECH (Myanmar Vehicle Tech Co., Ltd.) is a market leader in automotive workshop equipment factory in Myanmar. We do importing and servicing of automotive workshop equipment. We also do training of automotive technologies. Planning CSR training around the country.

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Engine Fault Simulator

Hybrid Engine Control System Trainer and Fault Simulator
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Brand: MV-TECH

Model: HY-WVC-022

Country of Origin: Myanmar

Warranty  : 1 Year

  • 1.3 L SOHC i-VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine, 88 HP @ 5800 RPM, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), Electric motor 10 kW (14 HP), Honda Insight Hybrid System
  • Components; Hybrid control unit, Inverter, Converter, high voltage battery (HV BATT), battery management system (BMS), Battery Cooling System
  • It is an educational equipment like actual vehicle for educating the quality of hybrid system.
  • It has an educational training function that controls the condition of input and output by installing a fault control module to Hybrid Control Unit (ECU).
  • Hybrid system charging, discharging and energy flow will be demonstrated by pressing on button and the light will be indicated on board.
  • By installation of check terminal to circuit, input and output data can be measured and trained conveniently with multimeter or oscilloscope. Test bench is connected for the purposes of two trainees group analyzing at the same time.
  • •By installing check terminal for each sensor, it is convenient to use tester and it protects the circuit.
  • Instruments, fuel pressure gauge, DLC, power source jack, key, accelerate pedal, battery, LPG gas tank, engine, radiator protector, fire extinguisher, are installed.


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