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Power Train System

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Components are made in Japan (TOYOTA engine and structure) and Assembled in Myanmar.

  • 2.0 Liter, 4 Cylinder, Diesel Engine, M/T, Rear Drive power train system for structure education
  • Toyota (2C engine and rear drive van type vehicle based structure)
  • Internal structure of power train of diesel engine, rotary pump, clutch, differential, rear axle drum by cross-sectioning components.
  • Very effective for explanation and understanding of function for every part of diesel rear drive power structure.
  • Engine intake and exhaust type manifold, injection pump, cooling system, lubrication system and starter motor are cross-sectioned, and operated for better educational quality.
  • Internal structure of clutch, transmission, differential gear, brake system can be seen by directly operating pedal and lever.
  • The operational moving of engine cylinders, transmission, differential can be seen by driving with variable speed controlled electric motor.
  • The model is painted according to educational teaching aid guide and the assembly is fitted on powder coated steel structure with caster wheels.

Warranty: 1 Yr


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